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Welcome to Bethel 35 of  Bel Air, MAryland

  Hello Everyone,

We are scheduled to have a formal meeting at Mt Ararat on Thursday.  I am checking with the trustees to see if the lodge is available on Friday 5/24/19 .   Myself and Mom Lou are not available that evening.  Rebecca, my oldest daughter graduates from college on Thursday lat afternoon / evening and I would like to attend the ceremony.   If the lodge is available I would like to meet at 7pm.

I hope everyone enjoyed their time at Ocean City.  Congratulations to Mom Sue our new Grand Guardian.  Our badges came in 4th place.   Dad Russ was an awesome contestant for Miss Grand Session.    Dad Gus is also the Grand Inner Guard.  His partner is Mom Jenn Foster.

Please bring your ideas for our next term.  Our installation is scheduled for Saturday June 15th at 3pm.  We need to finalize plans this week.  I would also like to discuss new Bethel shirts for our Bethel.  There are many who don't have shirts and we are now Job's Daughters of DelMar.   Please bring your ideas.              

We are also scheduled to work the soda stand at the Boumi Carnival on Friday May 31st.  Dad Russ has purchased 6 wrist bands for the Daughters and Jobie-to-Bees who are helping out that night.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything.

I will keep you posted about this weeks meeting.

Mom Chris

Upcoming Events:

May 31 ~ Boumi Carnival 6pm -10pm

June 15 ~ 3pm ~ Bethel 35 Installation of Officers

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