Bethel 35 Bel Air, Maryland



Welcome to Bethel 35 of  Bel Air, MAryland

 Hello Everyone,

 We  have a meeting this week.  It will be an formal Meeting.

    ​If you have sold any TV Raffle tickets please bring the money and the stubs to the Bethel so they can be turned in.  So far Jordan has sold the most raffle tickets.
    Please review your stations and duties as we will recite them
    If you would like to purchase pageant tickets at a cost of $12 we will be taking a count and collecting money on Thursday..  Tickets can be purchased at the door on Saturday December 7th at a cost of $15.
    Our next meeting will be Friday November 22nd due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.  This will be an informal meeting.
    Supreme Visit is Friday December 6th at 6:30pm - 9pm at Mt Ararat Lodge - we need a count so that Pizza and Ice Cream can be gotten

Please remember to let me know if you are not able to attend the Bethel meeting.

See you on Thursday night.

Mom Chris

Upcoming Events:
November 16 ~ Grand Master's Installation 7pm

November 28 ~  Thanksgiving

December 6 ~ Supreme Visit ~ Pizza / Ice Cream Party and Game night at Mt Ararat Lodge 6:30pm - 9pm

December 7 ~ Miss DelMar Pageant & Holiday Ball

December 8 ~ Mayors Parade

December 14 ~ HIKE #2 Barnes and Noble Gift Wrapping event 10am - 2pm

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Mom Chris Candler

410-227-8815 -- cell